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Unadilla Venue


New Berlin, NY

Created in 1969, Unadilla sits on 55 acres of picturesque New York countryside. The venue was the first American Motocross facility to host an AMA national, an MXGP round, and an edition of the Motocross des Nations.

Fast Facts


Unadilla was present on the schedule for the first two seasons of the AMA Motocross series. After a couple of breaks, the venue returned in the late 1980’s and has remained a key piece of the schedule since then. Originally, the pro track was planned to take place on the grounds of the amateur course, but the famous course that many riders love was built where it currently sits. The venue is owned and operated by the Robinson family and contains many iconic jumps and features, such as Gravity Cavity and the Sky Shot.

Iconic Moments

The Unadilla National has featured championship moments, the beginning and ending of dominant periods, and wild battles over its history on the AMA Motocross schedule. Here are a few iconic moments from the track:

1989: Making History

Kawasaki’s Jeff Ward made history in Unadilla’s first national back on the schedule. Ward became the first rider to win each national title at the time by winning the 500MX championship. A previous 250MX, 250SX and 125MX champion, Ward won the title by 21 points over Honda’s Jeff Stanton. Stanton’s teammate Jean-Michel Bayle was the man to beat that day, going 1-2 for the overall win.

Another title fight went down to the wire in the 125 class, with Yamaha’s Damon Bradshaw winning the overall. Bradshaw did everything he could to secure the championship with a sweep of the motos, but Honda’s Mike Kiedrowski took home the hardware by just three points after a 3-2 day.

2003: The Streak Ends

After his first perfect season in 2002, Ricky Carmichael continued his domination into 2003. Carmichael built his streak to a staggering 21 consecutive overall victories. However, his fortunes changed at Unadilla as fellow Honda rider Kevin Windham ended his historic run. Windham put his 450 out front with a holeshot in the first moto as Carmichael started in eighth. The defending champion quickly moved into the runner-up spot, but Windham was long gone, taking the win by 20 seconds. The pair started up front during the second moto, but Windham was too much for Carmichael that day as an unprecedented run of dominance was snapped.

2005: A Rough Landing

A budding rivalry came to a head at Unadilla in 2005, with Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart crashing together after an aggressive display. Heading into the race, Carmichael had lost only one moto that season. Chad Reed won the first moto at Southwick, after Carmichael made a mistake and went down. As the day started at Unadilla, Carmichael’s Suzuki 450 sped out front but a small crash put him back to fifth. Carmichael fought back, climbing up to second and pursuing after Stewart and his Kawasaki 250. Stewart defended his lead valiantly, but couldn’t quite hold off the powerful RMZ as Carmichael swept to the lead. The aggressive and daring displays from each rider led to a clash, as both rider’s lines came together, with Stewart landing on Carmichael. Despite being landed on, Carmichael continued. He gestured towards Stewart in frustration as Stewart laid unconscious in the New York dirt. Kevin Windham took the moto win and became the second and final rider to beat Carmichael that season following one of the most dramatic moments of all time.

Jett Lawrence wins the 2023 450MX title
2023: The Coronation

Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence completed the first major milestone of his rookie 450MX season by clinching the championship two rounds early. Lawrence continued his winning streak, taking the checkered flag for his 17th and 18th straight moto wins. Lawrence fought off teammate Chase Sexton and 2021 champion Dylan Ferrandis during the day, and secured enough points to claim the championship early. As one Lawrence held a championship trophy, the other took a 22 point lead. Hunter Lawrence won the 250 overall with a 2-2 day and was aided in the points chase by a mechanical issue and DNF for Haiden Deegan.

This interactive table details the all-time leaders at Unadilla. Who has the most starts, wins, podiums and points. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

All-Time Leaders

This interactive table details the Unadilla winners history. Who won in what year and what round was this venue. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

Winner History