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Welcome Fast Family! This is your hub for the inaugural 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship (and why are folks bent around the axle!? It’s called World cause the field is international).

Before the gate drops, be sure to check out the SuperMotocross Points for each class and get an idea for how your favorite racer is doing so far. You can also look at every racers 2023 results but be forewarned it’s not super pretty on mobile (for now – we’re fixing it).

Most important, be sure to check out the Race Day Insider feed. It’s a stream of insights as the race day unfolds.


Round 29

September 9, 2023
zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway


Round 30

September 16, 2023
Chicagoland Speedway


Round 31

September 23, 2023
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum