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2024 SuperMotocross

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Chase Sexton at Spring Creek MX 2024. Photo: Alec Gaut
450MX Round 7 Winner: Chase Sexton

Chase Sexton (1-1) was not the only force sending lightning strikes over the Pro Motocross championship; the second 450MX moto at the 2024 Spring Creek National ended in a thunderstorm and dark skies as Sexton won a second consecutive overall. He led 16 of the 34 laps run and won both motos by over 10 seconds.

Hunter Lawrence (2-2) led laps both motos but dropped off the pace halfway through each outing. On the podium, he said he was simply “rooted” (Australian slang for tired). Lawrence is now 13 points behind Sexton.

Justin Cooper (5-3) led six laps in the second moto, his first time out front since Thunder Valley, and he earned his second career 450MX podium. His moto scores tied Aaron Plessinger’s (3-5) who has now moved into fourth in the championship standing, 10 points behind Cooper.

The Chef, Levi Kitchen, was cooking at the 2024 Spring Creek MX. Photo: Alec Gaut
250MX Round 7 Winner: Levi Kitchen

Weather and wreckage were the Spring Creek 2024 themes but the event yielded career bests for five of the top six riders.

In his 31st career 250MX start, Levi Kitchen (1-1) won his first ever Pro Motocross overall. Kitchen led 19 of the 31 laps between the two motos, which happened under vastly different conditions.

Rain and lightning delayed the start of moto two by over 30 minutes and it ran in soggy and dark conditions when the gate fell. Casey Cochran (9-2) led the first six laps of moto 2 and beat out Max Anstie (7-4) for third because of a better moto two score. Spring Creek was Anstie’s 43rd career Pro Motocross start (all classes) and his second top five overall. Dilan Schwartz (10-6) and Ryder DiFrancesco (12-5) were 5th and 6th, both career highs.

Haiden Deegan (4-3) went down in the first corner of moto 2 when he ran over Chance Hymas’ (5-40) right ankle in the first turn. Deegan charged back to 4th place and second overall, while Hymas DNF-ed after pulling the holeshot, his ankle in too much pain to continue.

450MX Round 6 Winner: Chase Sexton

As Jett Lawrence bowed out of the series, Chase Sexton made a major statement in the championship battle and in front of a large group of visiting family and friends (Chase’s roots are in nearby La Moille, Illinois). He put up a stellar 1-1 performance and claimed the red plate in a dream day where he doubled his season laps led count in the second moto alone.

Hunter Lawrence entered RedBud as the points leader and led the majority of the first moto before a rough crash knocked him out of a chance of winning. He got up to finish second but said he still felt the effects of the wreck in moto two where a miscalculated tire choice hurt his start. He could only catch up to fourth.

Sexton dominated moto two, beating teammate Aaron Plessinger by over 21 seconds, the largest win margin of the season. Sexton left RedBud with a 7 point lead over Lawrence.

250MX Round 6 Winner: Chance Hymas

For the first time in his career, Chance Hymas stood at the top step of a Pro Motocross podium. The Honda HRC rider claimed his first moto win a month earlier at Thunder Valley but now he’s officially in the record books as a winner.

The first moto of the day yielded one of the closest finishes in 250MX history in a moment of deja vu. Hymas led most of the race until he drifted back to fourth and Ty Masterpool and Haiden Deegan drag raced to the checkered flag for a win margin of 0.369

Hymas led wire to wire in moto with teammate Jo Shimoda behind him. While the gap grew to 8 seconds at one point, Shimoda put in a late charge but fell short of the moto win. Hymas broke Deegan’s streak of five straight nationals with at least one moto win.

Deegan had his worst moto of the season (6th) after a bad start and landing on a lapper’s downed bike cost him a shot at the podium.

450MX Round 5 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence continued his stranglehold on the top spot with his 15th 450MX overall win in 16 tries. Lawrence controlled every inch of moto 1, pulling the holeshot and leading every lap with older brother Hunter in second.

In moto 2, the Australian duo continued to sail but a challenger quickly approached; Chase Sexton caught fire late in the race, passing Hunter and Jett and taking the win by 8 seconds after the champ backed it down. The epic second moto set up a pivotal round six at RedBud, with the trio being separated by just three points.

In the post race press conference, Jett Lawrence revealed that his shoulder is not healing quickly and he will be getting an MRI on it.

250MX Round 5 Winner: Haiden Deegan

After missing out on the overall at High Point by three tenths of a second, Haiden Deegan returned to the top step of the podium. Deegan was lights out in the first moto, leading every lap in a dominating display. It was the first victory margin over 10 seconds in either class this season.

Tom Vialle made up time in the later stages of the race, but couldn’t get close to his championship rival.

After a red flag restart in moto 2 Deegan and Vialle battled until Deegan dumped in in the sand. Vialle, the defending Southwick winner, held the top spot until Jo Shimoda charged to the front and  passed for the lead with two laps to go. Shimoda won his first moto of the year and Deegan got by for second. The 1-2 gave Deegan his fourth overall win and a 42 point lead over Chance Hymas.

Jett wins High Point 2024
450MX Round 4 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Another Jett Lawrence 1-1, the 13th of his 450MX career. Lawrence weathered the storm from Chase Sexton and older brother Hunter Lawrence to win both motos at High Point for the second consecutive year. Hunter held the lead early in the first moto, but Jett made a pass on the fourth lap and managed the gap to the end.

Jason Anderson led the first few laps of moto two, the 6th different rider to lead laps in 2024 (only 5 riders led laps in 2023) before J. Lawrence and Sexton passed and dropped him. Sexton and Lawrence battled until Sexton went down on lap 12, costing himself a chance at spoiling Lawrence’s day.

2-3 finishes for Hunter Lawrence keeps his perfect podium streak alive but the tie with Sexton (3-2) means his points lead is still +6. J. Lawrence is third in points (-8).

Masterpool wins High Point
250MX Round 4 Winner: Ty Masterpool

After weeks of close calls and heartbreaks, the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team finally secured their 300th win with a rider who had never even finished inside the top five overall. Fill-in rider Ty Masterpool went 2-1, to become the 41st different PC/Kawasaki rider to win for the team. Haiden Deegan hosted a passing clinic on his way to second overall with 1-2 moto scores.

Moto 1: Chance Hymas led early, Masterpool led the middle part of the moto but Deegan absorbed most of the attention. He started in 14th and marched all the way into the lead with two laps to go. It was his sixth moto win of the year.

Moto 2: Coty Schock took the holeshot and Deegan ended the first lap in 18th. Mark Fineis, Tom Vialle, Masterpool and Hymas all held the lead at different stages. Masterpool and Hymas looked set to battle for the win, but Deegan put on a legendary charge. Ten seconds down, Deegan’s last two laps were the fastest of the entire moto. He finished 0.387 behind Masterpool. An emotional Mitch Payton dedicated the victory to his late father.

Jett Lawrence is 2 for 3 in overall wins in 2024 but sits third in the points standings (-16). Photo: Garth Milan
450MX Round 3 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence let everyone know that he wasn’t his normal self coming into Thunder Valley. The results don’t show it. J. Lawrence went 2-1, winning a battle with his own brother, Hunter, that will make this race an instant classic. In the 16th and final lap of moto two, their lap times were the first and second fastest of the ENTIRE moto!

Hunter Lawrence won moto one, the first of his career and he came away with the points lead. He’s the third different rider this season to hold the 450MX red plate, which hasn’t happened in a ‘big bike’ class since 1983.

Justin Cooper holeshot both motos and led 23 of the 32 laps and earned his first 450MX podium (3-3)

Haiden Deegan celebrating his third win of the 2024 Pro Motocross season. Photo: Octopi
250MX Round 3 Winner: Haiden Deegan

For the third consecutive year, one rider has swept the first three rounds of the 250MX class. This time, it’s Yamaha’s Haiden Deegan, who has finished first or second in every single moto.

Chance Hymas avoided a third consecutive fourth overall by leading every lap, and winning, moto two, the first of his career. Hymas finished second overall with 4-1 finishes.

Tom Vialle (2-4) finished third overall and battled Deegan hard in the first moto. He fell on the final lap while trying to pass for the lead.

450MX Round 2 Winner: Chase Sexton

The streak is over! Chase Sexton won his 7th career 450MX overall, his first MX victory since round 11 in 2022 and the third 1-1 performance of his career. The second moto was notably impressive because Sexton spun out on lap one and remounted in dead last.

Jett Lawrence holeshot moto one but crashed hard on lap one attempting to jump a tricky downhill section. Clearly in agony from a gash in his thigh, Lawrence rejoined the race but had the worst day in his 450 career (24-6).

Aaron Plessinger led all but the last two corners of the moto; 5-2 gave him third overall. Hunter Lawrence was second overall again (2-4) and trails Sexton by eight in the points.

250MX Round 2 Winner: Haiden Deegan

Chance Hymas led the first 14 laps of the first moto while Haiden Deegan charged from 7th (after first lap) to first with three laps to go. In moto two, Deegan led the first 11 laps before swapping out and crashing violently.

Tom Vialle inherited the lead and Deegan remounted for 2nd and Levi Kitchen uneventfully went 3-3 for 3rd.

Brutally, Hymas (2-4) lost the tiebreaker for 3rd (for the second week in a row). Deegan already has a 13 point lead in the standings over Kitchen.

Notably, rookie Casey Cochran, riding this track for the first time, qualified in first and finished 10th overall (12-12).

450MX Round 1 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence picked up where he ended 2023 by going 1-1 and extending his streak to 24-0.

Jett Lawrence led every lap of both motos but the second outing gave race fans hope of good racing to come this season. Hunter Lawrence holeshot and kept the pressure on his little brother for the first half.

Chase Sexton put on a late race charge and had the fastest lap in 7 of the 15 laps run but Jett knew precisely when to go faster.

The Lawrences became the first brothers to go 1-2 in the 250/450MX class since 1973 when Gary and Dewayne Jones did it at Lake Whitney.

250MX Round 1 Winner: Haiden Deegan

After narrowly missing out on his first 250SX title, Haiden Deegan scored his second career 1-1 effort at Fox Raceway to kick off the Motocross season. Deegan worked forward from third early in the first moto, passing rival Tom Vialle and eventually former teammate Levi Kitchen after a bizarre incident where a yellow track marker got stuck in Kitchen’s boot.

In the second moto, the top two resumed their fight and separated themselves from the field. Deegan held the lead every lap, holding off Kitchen. Kitchen took second overall after showing a ton of speed throughout the day. Tom Vialle took the final spot on the podium after a tiebreaker with Chance Hymas. (4-3 to 3-4)

Jett Lawrence, Salt Lake City 2024
450SX Rd. 17: Jett Lawrence is Champion

Salt Lake City, Utah: With a 7th place finish, Jett Lawrence won the 450SX Monster Energy Supercross Championship as a rookie. His historic season ended with eight wins, 10 podiums and 9 fastest qualifiers. He’s the third rookie to win the title (and the first since 2010).

Chase Sexton led all 24 laps and won the SLC main event, the ninth of his career. He finished third in the championship. Cooper Webb rode to third with a torn ligament in his thumb. He finished 15 points behind Lawrence in the title fight.

RJ Hampshire Salt Lake City, 2024
250SX E/W, Champions Crowned in SLC

Salt Lake City, Utah: Haiden Deegan won his third career 250SX main event but it was RJ Hampshire (2nd) and Tom Vialle (8th) who won the championships.

Hampshire won 250SX West in his 10th season of trying (he now has 66 career 250SX main events). Vialle won 250SX East in his second year in the class.

Levi Kitchen, who entered the final round tied in points with Hampshire, wasn’t able to move up to compete for the title battle. He finished 5th. Both title wins snap a drought, with Husqvarna and KTM’s last 250SX titles occurring in 2018 and 2015 respectively.

Jett Lawrence, Denver Supercross, 2023
450SX Rd. 16 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Denver, CO: Jett Lawrence’s quest to win the 450 Supercross title in his rookie year continued, with his 8th victory of 2024 in Denver.

Lawrence tied fellow Aussie Chad Reed for the second most wins by a premier class Supercross rookie and tied defending champion Chase SextonRon Lechien, and Jimmy Ellis for 25th on the all-time wins list. History was also made as older brother Hunter Lawrence finished second (and led his first traditional main event laps).

The Lawrences are first pair of brothers to finish 1-2 in 450 Supercross history. Jett’s victory put him 20 points clear of 2-time champion Cooper Webb heading into the final round. Webb took 5th after aggravating a torn UCL in his thumb, which he revealed he suffered way back at round 9 in Birmingham.

Jo Shimoda, Denver 2023
250SX West Denver Winner: Jo Shimoda

Denver, CO: For the first time in three years, Jo Shimoda took the victory in a 250SX main event. The Honda HRC rider won his heat race and led every lap to take his first victory since Salt Lake City 1 in 2021.

Shimoda held off a hard charging Levi Kitchen, who will enter Salt Lake City next week tied for the points lead with RJ Hampshire. Kitchen and Hampshire completed the podium and enter the final round of the season even with 186 points each.

Jordon Smith and Shimoda both have a mathematical chance to win the title, but will each need a miracle as the pair sit 21 and 23 points back of the lead.

450SX Rd. 15 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Philadelphia, PA: Jett Lawrence won his 7th 450SX overall of 2024, and led every single lap for the 4th time (in traditional main events). Eli Tomac was second early in the main but acquiesced to pressure from his teammate Cooper Webb who never did get anywhere close to catching Lawrence.

Chase Sexton finished the first lap in 5th and passed Webb for second on lap 15. Sexton was the fastest rider on the track for several laps but Lawrence adjusted and kept his lead comfortable.

Jason Anderson caught Webb on the final lap and passed him entering the final corner. Webb went down trying to hold position and took fourth. He lost 7 championship points and heads to Denver -12.

250SX East Philadelphia Winner: Max Anstie

Philadelphia, PA: Max Anstie earned his 4th fastest qualifier of the season and finally backed up that speed with a win, the second of his career. Anstie, who held the red plate in Daytona and Birmingham still hadn’t even led a single lap in 2024. Anstie battled home state hero Seth Hammaker for several laps before making a pass stick on lap 12.

Jalek Swoll, who won his first career heat race earlier in the day, ran third for the first 15 laps of the main but an aggressive and miscalculated move put both him and Hammaker on the ground and handed second and third to Tom Vialle and Pierce Brown.

But then Brown crashed wildly over the finish line upon taking the white flag and Haiden Deegan wound up on the podium. Vialle left Philly with a 15 point lead.

450SX Rd. 14 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Nashville, TN: Jett Lawrence won his 6th main event of the season and regained sole possession of the points lead. Eli Tomac earned his 101st career 450SX podium.

Both riders tied Ryan Dungey for different career milestones; Lawrence for 3rd most 450SX rookie wins and Tomac for division podium finishes (also 3rd). Cooper Webb finished a distant third overall and trails Lawrence by five points.

The Smashville curse struck again, this year for Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton. Both crashed out of the race. Roczen was running 2nd and challenging for the lead when his shock malfunctioned. Sexton was running 6th when his throttle stuck.

250SX E/W Nashville Winner: RJ Hampshire

Nashville, TN, East/West Showdown #1: In his 9th career East/West Showdown start, RJ Hampshire finally got a win and it was a dominating one. And it was much more than a win; he led all 19 laps and went from -15 to +2 points in the 250SX West Championship.

The Smashville AND Pro Circuit Kawasaki curses struck at the same time in the 250 main event when East points leader Cameron Mcadoo collided mid-air with his teammate and West points leader Levi Kitchen on lap 1.

Mcadoo DNF-ed and Kitchen salvaged 14th before heading to the hospital for evaluation. Tom Vialle regained the points lead in the East.

Cooper Webb Foxborough 2024
450SX Round 13 Winner: Cooper Webb

“You just gotta jacket off sometimes.” Cooper Webb won not only his 25th career 450SX main event but also the press conference with a walk off response to why he was the only rider on the starting line pre-main event NOT wearing a jacket.

He left Foxborough as a co-red plater owner, the 5th different 450SX rider to wear it. It was a start to finish win for Webb. The 20 laps he led in Foxborough doubled the number of laps he’d led all season.

Chase Sexton (2nd) came close to passing Webb several times. Webb’s win margins over Sexton this season added up to just 1.69 seconds. Jett Lawrence ended the first lap in 12th and finished 5th. He’s now lost five or more points three races in a row and goes to Nashville tied with Webb in points.


Haiden Deegan Foxborough 2024
250SX East Foxborough Winner: Haiden Deegan

Foxborough, MA: Haiden Deegan holeshot and controlled every lap of the main event, his second career 250SX victory (first wire to wire). He moved from fourth to third in the championship standings (-13 to Cameron Mcadoo). Mcadoo left Gillette Stadium with another second place finish and a four point lead over Tom Vialle.

450SX Rd. 12 Winner: Eli Tomac

St. Louis, MO: Eli Tomac won a drama-packed Triple Crown (1-1-1)  and became the 6th different winner of the 2024 season. It was Tomac’s 52nd career victory, 8th Triple Crown overall and his 172nd podium (SX + MX, all classes), which makes him the new all-time podium leader of the sport.

Jett Lawrence crossed the finish line in first in TC2 but jumped on a red cross flag and lost two positions (as did four other riders).

Lawrence’s night got worse in TC3 when Justin Barcia plowed squarely into the left side of his bike and body. He was very slow to get up and finished 21st (2-3-21 for 8th overall). His championship points lead was halved (+8). Cooper Webb finished 2nd overall (5-6-2) and Hunter Lawrence earned his first career 450 podium (8-2-4)

250SX West St. Louis Winner: Levi Kitchen

St. Louis, MO:  Levi Kitchen didn’t just win the St. Louis Triple Crown, he swept all three TC races. And not only did he sweep, he led all 35 laps raced and extended his points lead to 15 over RJ Hampshire. Jo Shimoda finished second overall (2-3-3), his best finish of the season and his third consecutive podium. Jordon Smith was third overall (3-2-4), just one point from a second overall placing.

450SX Round 11 Winner: Cooper Webb

Seattle, WA: Cooper Webb overcame treacherous track conditions (and arm pump) to get his 3rd win of the season and 24th of his career. He passed Chase Sexton twice during the main event and they battled right up to the checkered flag, Sexton losing by just .592 when he couldn’t make a pass in the final corner. It was a mistake-filled main for all riders, including Jett Lawrence (3rd) who had more than enough speed to win but went down while trying to pass Webb, stalled his bike at another point, and also got delayed by a lapper Sexton holeshot the main (his 4th this season). Webb led 8 laps to Sexton’s 16.

250SX West Seattle Winner: Levi Kitchen

Seattle, WA: Levi Kitchen controlled all 18 laps of the Seattle main event and won by 21 seconds over RJ Hampshire. It’s the largest win margin of the 2024 season (450 or 250). After six rounds of 250SX West action, Kitchen’s points lead grew to eight points over Hampshire and 21 over. Jordon Smith, who finished 14th in a disastrous evening. Kitchen’s consistency (top five at all six rounds) has been his strength in 2024.

450SX Rd. 10 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Indianapolis, IN: Jett Lawrence won the Indianapolis Triple Crown with a perfect 1-1-1 sweep over Ken Roczen who finished 2-2-3. Lawrence and Roczen both started up front in each of the three races. Roczen led the first 6 of laps of TC1 and 2 and the first 10 laps of TC3 but couldn’t wear down or pull away from Lawrence. the 20-year-old Australian became just the second rider in Triple Crown history to sweep the races (Roczen, Glendale 2020) and left Indy with a commanding 21 point lead over Cooper Webb.

250SX East Indianapolis Winner: Cameron Mcadoo

Indianapolis, IN: Cameron Mcadoo put in 1-2-3 finishes to win the Indianapolis Triple Crown, his 3rd career 250SX overall victory and his first in over two years. He’s the fourth different rider to win in 250SX East and the fourth different red plate holder of 2024. He left Indy with a two point lead over Tom Vialle.

450SX Rd. 9 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Birmingham, AL: Jett Lawrence is the first rider in 2024 to win back to back races and he did it in convincing style, leading gate drop to checkered flag. Cooper Webb made a dent in the lead halfway through the race but Lawrence was able to match the pace and never let Webb get within three season. He now has four wins this season and is rapidly climbing the ‘most rookie wins’ chart. Lawrence left Birmingham with a 13 point lead over Webb. He’s also led 104 laps.

250SX East Rd. 4 Winner: Tom Vialle

Birmingham, AL: Tom Vialle led from start to finish to claim his second 250SX win one week after taking his first. He left Alabama with a 1 point lead, which means he’s jumped from 18th in points to the championship leader in just three rounds. Vialle’s first and second wins happened back to back. Coincidentally, Dylan Ferrandis, another Frenchman was the last 250SX to pull this off (2019).

Jett Lawrence celebrates after winning the 2024 Daytona Supercross. Photo: Align Media
450SX Rd. 8 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Daytona Beach, FL: Jett Lawrence wins the 2024 Daytona Supercross, breaking Eli Tomac’s streak and becoming the first rider of the 2024 season to win 3 races. Lawrence led 10 of the 14 laps and his points lead grew from +3 to +10. His race almost went sideways before the gate dropped when his team had trouble locking his start device and then didn’t get the rear tire cover removed until the 30 board had already gone sideways.

Tom Vialle celebrates after winning the 2024 Daytona Supercross in 250SX East. Photo: Align Media
250SX East Rd. 3 Winner: Tom Vialle

Daytona Beach, FL: France’s Tom Vialle wins the Daytona Supercross, his first ever 250SX wins. He is the third different winner in as many 250SX East rounds and moved to 4th in the championship standings (-3). Vialle led 7 of the 11 laps and set the 5 fastest lap times of the main event.

Cooper Webb wins the 2024 Arlington Supercross. Photo: Octopi
450SX Rd. 7 Winner: Cooper Webb

Arlington, TX. Cooper Webb made chicken salad on a day where he wasn’t feeling the winning vibes. After his worst Qualifying sessions of the season (11th) and a fade to 4th in Heat 2, Webb stayed close enough to Jett Lawrence through the main event to capitalize on mistakes and extend his winning record in Arlington to 6 (23 total 450SX wins)

Haiden Deegan Arlington Supercross 2024
250SX East Rd. 2 Winner: Haiden Deegan

Arlington, TX: In his 12th 250SX start, Haiden Deegan wins his first main event. He entered Arlington -19 in points and left -7. Danger Boy and his father, Brian Deegan (LA 1997) are the second father/son with Supercross wins (Mike and Christian Craig).

450SX Round 6 Winner: Ken Roczen

Glendale, AZ: The green leader lights on Ken Roczen’s RM-Z 450 never shut off in Glendale; he won his heat race after leading all 8 laps and then led all 20 laps of the main event to commandingly take his 22nd career victory. He climbed from 7th in the standings (-21) to 6th (-15). After a bumpy start to the season, Roczen is trending upwards in the results (10-3-12-7-3-1 finishes).

250SX West Rd. 5 Winner: RJ Hampshire

Glendale, AZ: RJ Hampshire wins his 4th career 250SX main event and becomes the first two-time winner in the 250SX West region. The win, however, is not enough to catapult him into the points lead. Levi Kitchen and Jordon Smith have placed in the top 5 at all 5 stops. Hampshire’s 1-9-6-2-1 finishes place him in 3rd, 5 points out of the championship lead.

Detroit 2024, 450SX
450SX Rd. 5 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence led wire-to-wire in Detroit to become the first two-time winner of 2024. Lawrence, Chase Sexton and Eli Tomac were 1-2-3 off the start (as seen here) but Sexton never got close enough to engage in battle and Tomac faded all the way back to 10th by the end of the main. Sexton took over the red plate with Lawrence one point behind.

Austin Forkner Detroit 2024
250SX Eastern Rd. 1 Winner: Austin Forkner

Austin Forkner was able to avoid the first turn carnage that took out over one third of the field to win his first 250SX main in almost two years. It was Forkner’s 13th career 250SX win, putting him in a tie with Jeremy McGrath for 3rd most all-time. Max Anstie finished 2nd and rookie Daxton Bennick finished 3rd in his first pro Supercross race.

Cooper Webb wins Anaheim 2, 2024
450SX Rd. 4 Winner: Cooper Webb

At the first Triple Crown of 2024,  Cooper Webb goes 2-2-5 to win the overall, the fourth different winner in four races. With the 22nd 450SX win of his career, Webb takes over sole possession of 10th on the all-time SX wins list.

Levi Kitchen at Anaheim 2, 2024
250SX West Rd. 4 Winner: Levi Kitchen

Levi Kitchen goes 1-2-3 to win the Anaheim 2 Triple Crown for the second consecutive year. Kitchen went from being eight points behind in the championship to tied for first. RJ Hampshire finished second overall and went from 4th place and 13 points down in the title hunt to tied with Kitchen. They will share the red plate when the series resumes in Glendale.

450SX Rd. 3 Winner: Aaron Plessinger
450SX Rd. 3 Winner: Aaron Plessinger

San Diego, CA: Huge night for Aaron Plessinger, who becomes the 68th different winner in Monster Energy Supercross history. He’s also the first winner from Ohio and the 7th KTM rider to win. AP7 outlasted a fast-closing Cooper Webb and also earned the red plate for the first time in his career.


Nate Thrasher, San Diego, 2024
250SX West Rd. 3 Winner: Nate Thrasher

San Diego, CA: Nate Thrasher ended a bad start to the 2024 season (21-18) and took his 5th career win. Garrett Marchbanks and Jordon Smith rounded out the podium. RJ Hampshire crashed with 2 turns to go and dropped from 3rd to 6th.

Chase Sexton, 2024 San Francisco Supercross
450SX Rd. 2 Winner: Chase Sexton

San Francisco, CA: In a battle for survival, Chase Sexton led the 2024 San Francisco Supercross wire to wire. Just like in the 250 class, the previous week’s winner finished 9th. In his 4th season in the class, Sexton has the best start to a championship run. After 2 rounds, he holds a 7 point lead in the standings.

Jordon Smith, 2024 San Francisco
250SX West Rd. 2 Winner: Jordon Smith

San Francisco, CA: Jordon Smith’s first win in nearly six years. He’s gone 2-1 in the series and holds a 5 point lead over Levi Kitchen, who was 2nd. With RJ Hampshire’s 9th place, Smith is 9 points ahead of the title favorite.

Jett Lawrence wins Anaheim 1, 2024
450SX Rd. 1 Winner: Jett Lawrence

Anaheim, CA: Jett Lawrence led all 20 laps to become the first rider in Monster Energy Supercross Championship to win the very first 450SX he lined up for. Additionally, he was the fastest qualifier and set the fastest lap of the main event.

RJ Hampshire pops the bubbly after winning the 2024 Anaheim Supercross in 250SX West
250SX West Rd. 1 Winner: RJ Hampshire

Anaheim, CA: RJ Hampshire won his 3rd career 250SX main event in his 58th try. The win gave RJ the red plate for the first time in his career, which now stretches into a 10th season.