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The We Went Fast Mission

Better stories = a better sport.

That’s the We Went Fast mission.

And motocross is full of fascinating stories waiting to be told.

Who/What is We Went Fast?

A story teller meets a statistician. Over the years they ask each other lots of questions, have many conversations, eat a lot of tacos, drink a few beers and circle back to the same subject that brought them together in the first place.

That’s the short version of how We Went Fast went from a social media feed of dirt bike history photos to a lofty goal of enhancing the way you watch and enjoy your favorite sport.

Brett Smith, Yamaha PW50
Brett Smith in July 1983, riding his Yamaha PW50 for the first time.

We Went Fast understands that the riders and their stories are what make the sport interesting. We’ve connected that info to a database built specifically for moto.

We could spend several paragraphs telling you about who we are, how we wanted to be like our heroes, David Bailey and Jo Jo Keller. How we were raised in the Midwest and New England and did well enough in our districts to qualify for national level amateur motocross races where top 10 finishes eluded us more often than we care to remember. And how riders like Kevin Windham, Robbie Reynard and Ricky Carmichael didn’t just beat us; they lapped us.

Clinton Fowler
Clinton Fowler (AKA Fowler’s Facts) on his “Kawasuki” JR50, circa 1983

That’s deep enough. Because none of this is about us. It’s about you and it’s about the sport. We want you to know more about the sport you love, past, present and future.

We Went Fast is built for you, it’s a service to the fans, the spectators, the bench racers, the enthusiasts. We have some very fun plans, programs and products planned in the near future. Sign up for the mailing list below so you don’t miss any of them.

Join us.