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  • The Garage is We Went Fast’s premium content, research & analytics portal, and provides exclusive content to enhance how fans experience SuperMotocross.
  • A one-year, $49.99 subscription includes a bundle of products:
  • Race Center: full access to a superfluous amount of racing information. Featuring venue pages, rider stats, detailed season stats and fantasy racing guides, Race Center is developed specifically for the fan who loves moto history and wants ALL the info.
  • Race Center Live: a second screen experience, RCL is a moto-focused stream of stats and information. The NBC broadcast team uses this feed at all 31 SuperMotocross rounds.
  • Shop Rag: your weekly research material. Prepared for the NBC broadcast team, this newsletter includes insights, storylines, cheat sheets, and an aggregated snapshot of the season-to-date. Delivered to your inbox each Thursday.
  • First Dibs: early access to new products from The Shop, including autographed drops.
  • Limited: The Garage is in beta mode. Memberships will cap at 250 for the 2024 season.

Sign-up for Garage access here. Check your inbox (or spam folders if you don’t see anything) right after you register. Also, each Thursday “Shop Rag” is released via e-mail, a research packet to get you ready race days!

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