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Millville Venue

Spring Creek

Millville, MN

Nestled in the woods of Millville, Minnesota, Spring Creek Raceway has been one of America’s premier Motocross destinations for over 40 years.

Fast Facts


Spring Creek Raceway is owned and operated by John & Greta Martin. The pair bought 56 acres from former owner Perry Hendricks in the mid 1980’s and have developed the area into a nearly 500 acre Motocross haven. The venue is also the stomping grounds for 2-time 250MX champion Jeremy Martin, and multiple time 250 national winner Alex Martin who grew up at the facility.

Iconic Moments

Since gaining a spot on the AMA Motocross schedule in 1983, Spring Creek Raceway has provided unforgettable moments. From The King being knocked back down to earth to the infamous “Believe The Hype” campaign, Millville has its fair share of iconic races.

1996: A Major Mistake

After winning all but one main event during the Supercross season, Honda’s Jeremy McGrath kept his momentum for the 1996 Motocross season. McGrath won each of the first three nationals of the season and quickly established himself as the favorite to win once again. However, a persistent Jeff Emig remained in the title picture. At Millville, an attempted jump from McGrath ended with a rough landing. The defending champion sprained his foot in a Friday practice session which would shift the momentum of the championship. Emig took advantage, winning his third overall of the season and taking a dominating 1-1 victory. Emig also led a clean sweep of the podium for Kawasaki, with factory teammate Ryan Hughes in second and Great Western Bank’s Phil Lawrence completing the podium.

2004: Believe The Hype

Perhaps the most notorious professional debut in Motocross history occurred at Spring Creek in 2004, with Mike Alessi joining the pro ranks. Complete with the namesake t-shirts that defined the race, Alessi’s arrival was both hyped and dreaded, as many of the top stars saw Alessi’s prediction of a top five or podium in his first career race (aboard a 450 mind you) as braggadocious and arrogant. The weekend started great for the #800, with a qualifying race victory. However, things quickly went south. Alessi collided with the likes of KTM’s Joaquim Rodrigues and Suzuki factory pilot Sean Hamblin, who ran the rookie wide after a crash took each man down. The day ended with 27-25 scores for 30th overall, as Ricky Carmichael continued his perfect season. After Carmichael did all the talking with his results, he stated, “I got tired of everybody asking me about this guy,” to sum up the weekend.

2006: A New Level

Dry conditions in the first moto of the 2006 Spring Creek National were quickly changed by the time the second 450 contest began. Ricky Carmichael quickly took the lead and broke away from all but James Stewart. However, the tricky conditions began to impact Stewart and other racers, with several riders getting stuck right before an uphill part of the track. Stewart, Chad Reed, and others were stuck as Carmichael continued to push forward. The first rider to break free from the melee was MotoWorld Racing Yamaha’s David Vuillemin, who pumped his fist after clearing the section. Despite Vuillemin breaking free, Carmichael had caught and passed the French racer, lapping the field. Carmichael’s 1-1 finish added to a stellar final full season, and Vuillemin’s survival put him second overall with a 7-2 day.

2011: Flying

A fantastic fight for the 2011 450 Supercross title continued during the summer, with the trio of Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey trading wins during the Motocross season. Heading into round nine at Millville, Reed held the points lead and showcased his speed by taking the first moto. The 2009 champion secured a holeshot and held off Dungey in his home race as Villopoto claimed third after a bad start. In the second moto, Reed once again secured the top spot but ended up suffering one of the wildest rides in Motocross history. Now infamously known as “the Chadapult”, Reed’s Honda swapped and sent him flying off the track. Somehow, he was unhurt and restarted his machine. As Dungey took the overall win, Reed salvaged 14th to temporarily keep the points lead in one of the greatest displays of heart you will ever see.

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All-Time Leaders

This interactive table details the Millville winners history. Who won in what year and what round was this venue. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

Winner History