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Southwick Venue


Southwick, MA

Known for its sand and treacherous conditions, Southwick is one of the biggest physical tests on the Motocross circuit.

Fast Facts


The Wick 338 (1976-1982, 1986-2013, 2016-present) hosted its first ever national just three years after the track was born. Southwick has hosted every race in the area since 1976 and is currently operated by the Johnson family. The track was built by a group of American Legion members in the woods behind Post 338 after the fathers of several racers cleared out the woods to create a racing circuit.

Iconic Moments

Southwick has been a massive challenge for racers over the years, leading to factory triumphs and underdog surprises. Perhaps the track with the biggest “home field advantage,” The Wick has produced many fantastic moments involving local heroes and Motocross superstars alike.

1976: Lighting The Wick

The inaugural Southwick National during the 1976 season was headlined by Pierre Karsmakers and his dominant 1-1 performance. The Dutch rider put his Honda near the front in the first moto, applying pressure to Bob Hannah and Brad Lackey. Hannah led the first half of the race before fading back as Lackey and Karsmakers battled. Late in the race, Lackey washed the front end of his motorcycle which gave away the win. Karsmakers controlled the second moto, taking the lead on lap three and pulling away. Tony DiStefano claimed his second of three consecutive 250MX titles after Jimmy Weinart missed the final round due to injury.

1998: Local Legends

The 1998 Southwick National was a muddy one, but was also a race that made the Northeastern fans happy. Connecticut’s Doug Henry scored a brilliant 1-1 victory aboard his Yamaha YZ400F machine. Henry tracked down Honda’s Ezra Lusk in the first moto, passing him halfway through the race. Henry pulled the holeshot in the second moto and slowly pulled away from teammate Kevin Windham to take the checkered flag.


In the 125 class, Massachusetts’ own John Dowd secured a 1-1 day of his own. After several runner-up finishes in the weeks leading up to Southwick, Dowd’s mud racing expertise helped him put on a clinic as Ricky Carmichael was knocked out of the first moto with a bike issue. Dowd’s win would be the only time from 1997-2007 that Carmichael didn’t win the Southwick National in his class, and the Junkyard Dog’s triumph is still remembered by the Southwick faithful.

2009: An Unlikely Winner

While the 2009 Supercross season is remembered for the legendary James Stewart vs Chad Reed title fight, the 2009 Motocross season was a wild one. Stewart’s Supercross only deal and injuries to Ryan Villopoto and Mike Alessi early in the season flipped the championship on its head. After finally winning his first overall at High Point, Reed controlled the series and scored a first moto victory. Reed and teammate Michael Byrne sandwiched Kawasaki fill-in Jake Moss for an all Australian podium in the race. Just as Reed looked set to dominate the second moto, he went down in the muddy conditions, handing the lead to Yamaha fill-in rider Matt Goerke. The Floridian would score his one and only overall win with a 6-1, holding off local hero John Dowd to take the moto win. In the 250 class, teenager Justin Barcia spoiled the Ryan Dungey/Christophe Pourcel title fight by taking his inaugural Motocross victory.

This interactive table details the all-time leaders at Southwick. Who has the most starts, wins, podiums and points. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

All-Time Leaders

This interactive table details the Southwick winners history. Who won in what year and what round was this venue. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

Winner History