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High Point Venue

High Point

Mt. Morris, PA

Located just five minutes from MX Sports headquarters, High Point Raceway has been one of the cornerstones of the Pro Motocross schedule since 1977. The track has been a holiday weekend destination for decades, hosting races on Memorial Day Weekend before shifting to its current spot just before Father’s Day.

Fast Facts


High Point Raceway has hosted each national in the area. The venue is operated on the Holbert family farm and was originally named Hi-Point after a gear company owned by John Penton. After a lifetime naming rights deal was off the table, the newly painted sign gained a plywood GH courtesy of Dave Coombs Sr. The track also features many European style elements, such as elevation changes and off-camber corners that challenge the technical skills of the best riders in the world.

Iconic Moments

High Point Raceway has been the backdrop of many iconic moments over the years. From a Pennsylvanian winning the top prize in American Motocross to a pair of legends scoring their final wins, the track has hosted many pivotal races in its nearly 50 year history.

1977: Home State Heroics

The first ever High Point National was the final round of the 1977 250MX championship, held on Memorial Day weekend. Heading into the race, Suzuki factory rider and Pennsylvania native Tony DiStefano was in prime position to win the championship, as Honda’s Marty Smith sat a distant second.

As Smith held the lead late in the first moto, he began to feel the pressure and nearly looped out, allowing both DiStefano and Jimmy Weinert to get by. This was enough for DiStefano to claim the championship with one moto left. The title was DiStefano’s third in a row, and, ultimately, the last of his career.

1991: Stanton vs. Bradshaw

Honda’s Jeff Stanton and Yamaha’s Damon Bradshaw waged war in 1991 race, with the riders trading moto wins. In the first moto, 18-year-old Bradshaw took the checkered flag, despite letting Stanton by during the race to pick up on his line choices. He later made an aggressive but clean move to pull away by nearly three seconds.

In the second moto, Stanton made his way by Bradshaw and built a major gap as Bradshaw backed off. Points leader Jean-Michel Bayle was a distant third in the first moto, and scored fourth in the second after a valiant comeback following a first turn crash. In the 125MX class, Peak Honda’s Brian Swink dominated to score his first overall win with a 1-1 day.

1997: Open The Flood Gates

A soaked track following a large amount of rain meant for a muddy 1997 High Point race, where one of the track’s most beloved figures scored his final career victory. Damon Bradshaw scored the overall win with a 3-1 effort. Kawasaki’s Ryan Hughes won the first moto over John Dowd. In the second moto, Larry Ward seemed like a surefire winner, holding a 20 second lead early in the race. However, Bradshaw put his head down and charged to the front as 20,000 strong willed “The Beast From The East” to one last victory. Bradshaw stated after his victory, “I figured if I just kept digging deeper and deeper, it might work out my way.”

The 125 class was also home to another upset, as SplitFire Kawasaki’s Ricky Carmichael went from three straight victories to 13th overall. The benefactor was Scott Sheak, who won the only national of his career over Stephane Roncada.

2014: Anything But Ordinary

When Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing’s James Stewart took his first win of the 2014 season and a 1-1 sweep at High Point, no one expected the victory to be the last ever for The Fastest Man on the Planet. Stewart was challenged throughout the day by the formidable Red Bull KTM duo of Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen, as well as Honda’s Trey Canard, but Stewart maintained control. Fittingly, Stewart’s last overall win started with him taking the lead in the first moto after a brief duel with longtime rival Chad Reed.

This interactive table details the all-time leaders at High Point. Who has the most starts, wins, podiums and points. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

All-Time Leaders

This interactive table details the High Point winners history. Who won in what year and what round was this venue. Filter by class. On mobile, slide left to access more columns. To see all years of data, become a member of the We Went Fast Garage and help us continue (and expand) these unique views of the sport’s history.

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