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Ep. #26 24-0: Ricky Carmichael Made Lightning Strike Twice

By Brett Smith

This story is about Ricky Carmichael doing something even he thought wasn’t possible: a second perfect season. “I doubt if this will ever happen again,” Carmichael told Cycle News after the 2002 Steel City National when he completed his first 24-0 run. The project you’re about to listen to started well over a year ago … Continued

Ep. #24-25 The Greatest Gamble in Motocross

By Brett Smith

Ricky Carmichael’s shocking switch to Suzuki. Eighteen months in the making, this two-part story covers one of the great mysteries of our sport: How did Suzuki convince Ricky Carmichael to switch teams for the 2005 season? How did Honda let him walk? The basic surface details of this story are not a secret. Carmichael has … Continued

Ep. #23 The Most Expensive Photo in Motocross History

By Brett Smith

In the spring of 1997, a mysterious 4×6-in. snapshot showed up in the marketing department of Oakley. The subject was one of their young riders, 17-year-old Ricky Carmichael, laying his motorcycle flat at the Silverdome. It was a mystery because nobody knew who took the photo. The decision to run with the image, including using … Continued