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Ep. #23 The Most Expensive Photo in Motocross History

By Brett Smith

St. Onge, Carmichael

In the spring of 1997, a mysterious 4×6-in. snapshot showed up in the marketing department of Oakley. The subject was one of their young riders, 17-year-old Ricky Carmichael, laying his motorcycle flat at the Silverdome. It was a mystery because nobody knew who took the photo.

The decision to run with the image, including using it on a billboard in Southern California, made for one legendary tale that wasn’t told for over two decades. And it turned the photographer, David St. Onge, into a cult hero among the motocross photographers of the late 1990s.

Now you can own a piece of this quirky moment in motocross history. This 12-in. x 16-in. print is inspired by the photo that David St. Onge took from the 17th row at the 1997 Pontiac Supercross.

Hang a piece of moto history on your wall. This Ricky Carmichael poster is inspired by the photograph.

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