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Eli Tomac Hits Another All-Time

By Brett Smith

Eli Tomac is now one of just two riders to win a 450SX overall every year for 10 consecutive seasons. On March 30, at 31-years old, Tomac matched a longstanding record that was just six races away from not being met at all. That other rider? James Stewart. Stewart’s first win came at the 2005 … Continued

Facts: James Stewart vs. Jett Lawrence.

By Brett Smith

As a precaution, 18-year-old James Stewart went to the hospital to rehydrate. The flu caused everything he put in his body to come right back out. If he wanted to even have a chance at lining up for round two of the 2004 THQ 125cc Eastern Regional Supercross Series in Minneapolis, he needed rest and … Continued

Ep. #12 Modem Killer: James Stewart vs. LaRocco’s Leap

By Brett Smith

They told him not to. But when rookie James Stewart committed to jumping LaRocco’s Leap on a 125, Jeff Kardas knew where to point the camera. Podcast version of “Modem Killer: James Stewart vs. LaRocco’s Leap”