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Eli Tomac Hits Another All-Time

By Brett Smith

Eli Tomac is now one of just two riders to win a 450SX overall every year for 10 consecutive seasons.

On March 30, at 31-years old, Tomac matched a longstanding record that was just six races away from not being met at all.

Eli Tomac has now won at least one 450SX for 10 consecutive years. Photo: Octopi
Eli Tomac has now won at least one 450SX for 10 consecutive years. Photo: Octopi

That other rider?

James Stewart.

Stewart’s first win came at the 2005 Irving Supercross and his 50th came at the 2014 St. Louis Supercross, Tomac’s rookie season.

Most Consecutive Years Winning 450SX

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4 other riders have 5 consecutive. Roczen is the only active rider in that group.

James Stewart after winning the 2014 St. Louis Supercross, his 50th and final win. Photo: Frank Hoppen

We’re in Tomac’s 11th full year in the 450 class, which means the only season he did NOT win a 450SX main was in 2014, his rookie run. In 2015 he won 3 450SX main events, followed by just one in 2016.

In 2017 he stacked trophies on his way to becoming the second most race-winning rider in sport history: nine wins, followed by eight in 2018 then six, seven, three, seven and seven again in 2023.

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Eli Tomac Has Won For 15 Straight Years

Racing Supercross and Pro Motocross for 15 straight years is a hall-of-fame-worthy feat on its own. Few riders go that distance.

But Supercross, specifically, is the only sport category he doesn’t own outright.

Eli Tomac wins the overall at the 2024 St. Louis Supercross. Photo: Octopi
Eli Tomac wins the overall at the 2024 St. Louis Supercross. Photo: Octopi

Tomac is the only rider to win at least one race (any class, MX or SX) every year for 15 consecutive years, a record he extended one more notch out of reach when he won in St. Louis.

It started in his very first pro race with a 3-1 performance at the 2010 Hangtown Pro Motocross opener and here we are, 107 wins later, Tomac has put up at least one ‘W’ every season he’s touched tires to track.

Eli Tomac, 2024 St. Louis Supercross
Eli Tomac rails a corner at the 2024 St. Louis Supercross. Photo: Octopi
Most Consecutive Winning Years (all classes)

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*Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton are the closest active riders with active streaks (6 for each of them).

Consecutive years of winning seems like an overlooked ironman feat. Jeremy McGrath is the only Supercross champion with three or more titles to even race for 10 seasons. He won races in each of the first nine, 1993 through 2001.

Multi-time champions Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Dungey and Jeff Stanton only raced premier class SX for eight years, Ryan Villopoto just six seasons (Carmichael’s were not consecutive years).

Ricky Carmichael, Phoenix 2005
Ricky Carmichael winning the 2005 Phoenix Supercross, his first with Suzuki. Photo: Frank Hoppen

What About Bob Hannah and Ricky Carmichael?

Bob Hannah suffered a severely broken leg in the summer of 1979 and missed the 1980 season completely.

Starting in 1977, he did win in the eight seasons where he lined up for a race. But he didn’t actually race eight consecutive seasons.

Bob Hannah, Cotton Bowl, 1983
Bob Hannah, Cotton Bowl, 1983

Same with Ricky Carmichael. RC missed the 2004 season because of a knee injury. But he won at least one premier class SX from 2000-2003 and 2005-2007.

Does Eli Tomac Turn it to 11?

Now the question is, does Tomac re-sign with Star Racing Yamaha and attempt to win in an 11th straight year?


Not surprisingly, Tomac also leads in most consecutive years of 450MX wins (9), a streak that came to an end in 2023 when he was unable to line up (Achilles injury). Carmichael is 2nd to Tomac on that list (he only raced the class for 8 seasons).

When Eli Tomac won the 2022 Mt. Morris Pro Motocross, he passed Ricky Carmichael for most consecutive 450MX winning years. Photo: Octopi
Most Consecutive Years Winning 450MX

This chart includes 500MX wins

And in another obscure Supercross statistic, if the St. Louis race ends up being Tomac’s last ever win, he’d join Carmichael, Stewart, Marvin Musquin and Travis Pastrana on the list of riders who won their last ever Supercross race in St. Louis.