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Ep. #3 The Ballad of Big Dave

By Brett Smith

Larry ‘Motor Mouth’ Huffman narrates the audio version of The Ballad of Big Dave. Didn’t have 30 minutes to read the article when it was published in late July? Now you can sit back and let the original “Voice of Supercross” read it to you while you drive to work or hopelessly search for that master link clip … Continued

The Ballad of Big Dave

By Brett Smith

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When opening ceremonies were complete, after the national anthem was sung and the riders’ names and sponsors were announced over the P.A. system with dramatic flair, after the starting gate had fallen and the frantic sound of 40 125cc bikes had rocketed uphill toward the first turn, Dave Coombs would grab at the radio transmitter … Continued