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Ep. #3 The Ballad of Big Dave

By Brett Smith

Larry ‘Motor Mouth’ Huffman narrates the audio version of The Ballad of Big Dave. Didn’t have 30 minutes to read the article when it was published in late July? Now you can sit back and let the original “Voice of Supercross” read it to you while you drive to work or hopelessly search for that master link clip you dropped on the garage floor. Huffman announced races and TV coverage from 1972 to 1988-ish. Remember the line “He’s on him like a dog and a piece of meat!”? Yeah, that was Larry.

Patrons of We Went Fast got the first chance to listen to this production  Find out more at

Larry Huffman is a dear friend of mine and I grew up listening to his voice. It’s a special treat to be able to bring you this.

The Ballad of Big Dave is a We Went Fast original article about Dave Coombs, the West Virginia promoter and founder of MX Sports. Twenty years beyond his death, his legacy is seen at every dirt bike race held in the United States.

NOTE: This podcast is family friendly.