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The Moment: The 1997 Pontiac Supercross

By Brett Smith

A closer look into the night Ricky Carmichael’s first championship hopes ended. Jimmy Perry had seen enough and he let the teenager know it. Just 17 at the time, Ricky Carmichael’s chances of winning the 1997 125cc East Supercross Championship had plummeted to 0% and Perry seized on this teachable moment to launch into a … Continued

The Most Expensive Photo in Motocross History

By Brett Smith

In the spring of 1997, a mysterious 4×6-in. snapshot of Ricky Carmichael showed up in Oakley’s marketing department. Nobody knew who took the photo, yet it became a key marketing asset. With a camera slung over his shoulder, David St. Onge walked down an arena hallway looking for something to shoot, something worthy of a … Continued