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Ricky Carmichael Made Lightning Strike Twice

By Brett Smith

An Analysis of a Perfect Pro Motocross Season Ricky Carmichael’s 2004 plans did not include racing the AMA Pro Motocross Championship. His torn left ACL needed a rebuild but he wanted to race Supercross more than he wanted to repair his knee. He thought he could punt surgery until May 2004. He had three motivating … Continued

Ep. #26 24-0: Ricky Carmichael Made Lightning Strike Twice

By Brett Smith

This story is about Ricky Carmichael doing something even he thought wasn’t possible: a second perfect season. “I doubt if this will ever happen again,” Carmichael told Cycle News after the 2002 Steel City National when he completed his first 24-0 run. The project you’re about to listen to started well over a year ago … Continued

Epilogue: The Greatest Gamble in Motocross

By Brett Smith

Epilogue: For Suzuki and Carmichael, the gamble paid off. For Honda… Carmichael continued to win. In 2005 he returned to Supercross and regained his title, giving Suzuki its first since 1981. In motocross, he won all 12 overalls for the third time in his career, falling two motos shy of yet another perfect season. In … Continued