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Protective Stadium, Birmingham



Birmingham is a new market for Supercross but it’s not the first time SX has run in the Yellowhammer State. Talladega Superspeedway (45 minutes east) held an AMA-sanctioned Supercross* in March 1984 and Pro Motocross rounds in 1972 and 1973. The venue is Protective Stadium, an open air football field with a capacity of 47,100.

Fast Facts

Iconic Moments

The one Supercross ever held in the state of Alabama is a complicated story. It wasn’t part of the championship series. In the words of Cycle World, which covered the 1984 event at Talladega, “If it all sounds a bit confusing, that’s because it is.” The two main promoters of Supercross at the time, Pace and Stadium Motorsports, split from the AMA.

Jeff Ward, 1984
Jeff Ward at Talladega, 1984

Jeff Ward won the the 1984 Talladega Supercross. Although it was an AMA event, it was round two of what was called a “Triple Crown of Supercross” (Daytona, was round one). Round three of that championship (San Jose, CA in June) never happened.

Mark Barnett, 1984
Mark Barnett at Talladega, 1984

Mark Barnett was 4th in front of what Cycle News reporter Tom Kolnowski called the “slimmest crowd in Supercross history.” He wrote that the grandstands looked completely empty.

David Bailey, 1984
David Bailey at Talladega, 1984

Gary Bailey designed the track and even though his son David (pictured) competed, he did so on a production Honda and on his own dime. Bailey finished 4th in Talladega with Bevo Forti as his mechanic.

That’s right, we’ve only officially raced in Alabama once – 2024. Jett Lawrence and Tom Vialle were your winners in the inaugural visit to Protective Stadium.

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