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Arlington / Dallas

Among the original Supercross markets with Daytona, LA & Houston, Dallas first popped up on the schedule as round 1 of the 1975 Yamaha Super Series of Motocross. It has been both an early and late season stop but most often lands in the middle of the schedule. In 2024, for the 10th time, it will be round 7

Fast Facts

Dallas Venues

Three different venues have hosted Supercross in the Dallas area since 1975, the majority at the now demolished Texas Stadium (28). Irving and Arlington are both suburbs of nearby Dallas.

  • Texas Stadium (Irving). Home of the NFL’s Cowboys, Texas Stadium hosted its first Supercross over two nights in the winter of 1975. It held 28 rounds of Supercross between 1975-2008 before closing in Dec. 2008.
  • AT&T Stadium (Arlington). Also known as Jerry’s World, the new home of the Cowboys (17 miles SW of Texas Stadium), hosted its first SX in March 2010 (Ryan Dungey)
  • Cotton Bowl – (Dallas). The original home of the Cowboys (and the AFL’s Dallas Texans!) this downtown Dallas historic landmark hosted just one Supercross (1983).

Iconic Moments

Jimmy Ellis and James Stewart both got their first premier class wins in Dallas and Ricky Carmichael won his first 450SX championship. The market is comfortably top 10 for most visited in Supercross history and has hosted some classic battles and moments. Here are a few notables. 

Cooper Webb and Roczen Arlington
All-Time Cooper Webb

Cooper Webb is the all-time wins leader in the Dallas area. His 5 wins edges out Chad Reed (4) who has 16 starts in the market. Even Jeremy McGrath only won twice in Dallas (10 starts). Webb’s 5 wins in 9 appearances all happened at AT&T Stadium, mostly on the strength of a 3-round residency in 2021, which he swept. His first Arlington win (2019, pictured) was the closest finish in Supercross history (.028). He also won the Triple Crown event in 2023. 

Jimmy Ellis Irving, 1975
1975: Jimmy Ellis wins the first ever Dallas SX

Round 1, 1975. Texas Stadium was the first appearance of Dallas on the Supercross schedule in 1975. 48,000 witnessed round 1 of the Yamaha Super Series of Motocross. Jimmy Ellis went 1-1-1-2 in the two night race

Mike Bell Cotton Bowl, 1983
1983: Mike Bell wins at the Cotton Bowl

Round 8, 1983: After a six year absence, Dallas returns to the schedule, this time in the historic Cotton Bowl. It’s the only Supercross ever held in Dallas city limits and Mike Bell won the 11th and final Supercross of his career. Sixteen year old Ron Lechien got his first podium (and led his first ever main event) that night and Bob Hannah finished second.

Jeff Ward and Jeff Stanton, 1989, Irving
1989: The battle of the Jeffs!

Round 10, 1989: A classic chess match, Jeff Stanton will forever remember this as the one he (literally) threw away. Stanton led from the start but Jeff Ward was right behind him and finally passed into the lead on lap 10. The battle heated up with five laps to go and Stanton got aggressive on the final lap. He stuffed Ward, who refused to back down.

“I thought we were going to lock bars,” Ward said (see photo). With two turns to go, Stanton lost control of his CR250, which bizarrely shot into the air and landed on top of Ron Tichenor’s motorcycle. Ward coasted to his second straight win.

Ricky Carmichael, Irving 2001
2001: Ricky Carmichael wraps it up

Round 14, 2001: Ricky Carmichael wins his 11th consecutive Supercross and his first Supercross championship. To wrap up the title two rounds early, he needed someone to finish between him and Jeremy McGrath and that person was Ezra Lusk. RC and Yogi battled for the first four laps, Lusk passing Carmichael twice in the whoops.

James Stewart, Irving 2005
2005: James Stewart gets his first.

Round 12, 2005: In just his third premier class start, James Stewart wins his first main event. Stewart missed rounds 2-10 with a broken arm and won wire to wire over Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed in Texas Stadium. “It was actually a little easier than I thought,” said the 19-year-old after the race. Even a loose, unusable front brake lever didn’t prevent Stewart from cruising to a 5+ second win.

Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey Arlington, 2016
2016: Ken vs. Dungey

Round 7, 2016: Ryan Dungey already had a full race points lead and the series wasn’t even halfway through but Ken Roczen did something nobody else had been able to do that season: pass and then beat Dungey. Roczen holeshot the 450SX main and Dungey passed him before a lap was complete. But Roczen didn’t fade off, instead, he passed right back and never let go of the position, despite pressure from Dungey the entire race. Roczen won by 1.4 seconds and cut Dungey’s points lead to 23.

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