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The original front of Angel Stadium.


Angel Stadium / Anaheim Stadium / Edison Field

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The epicenter of Supercross racing in America, Anaheim’s Angel Stadium is ground zero. It’s the most (by far) visited venue in the sport host of most series openers since 1981.

Keep scrolling for facts, history, and all-time leaders and winners data.

Fast Facts


On December 13, 1975, Tony Distefano won a 500cc motocross in Anaheim Stadium, the first dirt bike race held there. It wasn’t AMA sanctioned and didn’t count towards a championship.

Fifty one weeks later Marty Smith won what is now considered the first 250/450cc Supercross in Anaheim. Marketed as the “American Motocross Finals,” it still wasn’t part of the AMA Supercross Championship but utilized what was then a revolutionary (and controversial) formatting system: heats, semis, a last Chance Qualifier, and one winner-take-all main event, which irked the athletes because ‘that’s NOT motocross.’

Starting in 1999, after two years of construction-related absence, Anaheim’s newly renovated facility (capacity 45,050) re-joined the series and became the perennial opening round. It has even hosted as many as three rounds in a single season since.

The winner of A1 has gone on to win the championship just seven times since 1999 and not since 2012 (Ryan Villopoto).

Iconic Moments

Anaheim has hosted many instant classics, such as the 1986 battle between David Bailey and Ricky Johnson

This is where Jeremy McGrath won his first and 72nd 450SX race.

Long before rain was even in the forecast, Anaheim 1, 2005 was called the “Perfect Storm” for the anticipated that brewed when defending champion Chad Reed squared off against the returning-from-injury Ricky Carmichael, rookie James Stewart, back-from-retirement Jeremy McGrath and Kevin Windham.

“A1” particularly has been a house of heartbreak; in 2002, Honda’s new hire, Ricky Carmichael crashed out and finished 20th. Seven years later, James Stewart finished 19th in the season opener. Both clawed their way back through the points and won the championship.

Ricky Johnson leads David Bailey
Anaheim 1986: Johnson vs. Bailey

Ricky Johnson leads David Bailey at the 1986 Anaheim Supercross, one of the most legendary battles in the sport’s history. Photo: Gary Carlin

Marty Smith, Anaheim 1976
Anaheim 1976

Marty Smith launches “King Kong” at the 1976 “American Motocross Finals” at Anaheim Stadium.

Jeremy McGrath brought the nac nac to the 1994 Anaheim Supercross. Photo: Chris Hultner
Jeremy McGrath, 1994

Jeremy McGrath brought the nac nac to the 1994 Anaheim Supercross. Photo: Chris Hultner

Marty Smith smiling after winning the 1976 "American Motocross Finals" in Anaheim.
Marty Smith, 1976

Marty Smith smiling after winning the 1976 “American Motocross Finals” in Anaheim.

Jeremy McGrath won his first (and final) 450SX races in Anaheim
Jeremy McGrath, 1993

In 1993, Jeremy McGrath passed defending champion, Jeff Stanton in Anaheim to win his first 450SX race. Anaheim was also where he won his 72nd and final SX.

Anaheim 2005
Anaheim 1 Start, 2005

James Stewart (#259), Ricky Carmichael (#4) and Kevin Windham at Anaheim 2005, the opening round of one of the most anticipated seasons in history. Photo: Frank Hoppen

Ryan Dungey
Anaheim 1, 2010

Rookie Ryan Dungey (#5) on his way to second place at Anaheim in 2010. James Stewart (#1) took the win. Photo: Steve Cox

Chad Reed, Anaheim 2003
Chad Reed, 2003

Chad Reed is tied with Jeremy McGrath for most victories at Anaheim (8). Here he is in 2003 on his way to his first 450SX win.

Ken Roczen, 2015
Ken Roczen, 2015

Anaheim has been a good venue for Ken Roczen, who has won here on KTM, Suzuki and Honda.

Want to know who the all-time leaders are at Anaheim? How many main events has Chad Reed lined up for in Anaheim?

Try a guess before you dive into the charts below. You’ll be shocked!

All-Time Leaders

This chart below is straight winner history of ever Supercross held in Anaheim, year by year.

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Winner History

Race Results