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Fourplay: The Analytics of Number Four in Motocross

By Brett Smith

The 2024 Supercross and Motocross Professional Numbers have been announced and Chase Sexton has officially chosen to swap the symbol of one GOAT for another. After five seasons with number 23, Sexton will build a new numerical identity around the number four. Snapshot of #4 in AMA SX/MX History 1973 FIRST YEAR IN USE 2020 … Continued

Comeback in the Coliseum: The 1987 Los Angeles Supercross

By Brett Smith

Why the final running of the Super Bowl of Motocross was the greatest race in the sport’s history. Rick Johnson goes from (almost) last to first; Wild man Guy Cooper (almost) wins; a unique but one-lined track with a short start straight and a first turn the size of a “phone booth” causes absolute carnage; … Continued

The 1984 Seattle Supercross Triple Header

By Brett Smith

Imagine this: you watch an entire main event. The winner is interviewed. Champagne, awards, fake checks, kissing the trophy girl… Then a few minutes later, a small group of those same riders line up and do it all over again. On February 12, 1984, this happened at the Seattle Supercross. Here’s a brief story about … Continued