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The Making of Little Giant: The Yamaha PW50 Story

By Brett Smith

At first, I wasn’t into the idea of making a movie about the PW50. I had just told that story and I was just coming off that high you get from crossing the finish line of a time consuming, yet very rewarding, project.

Ep. #11 Little Giant: The PW50 Story

By Brett Smith

Was the PW50 your first bike? It was for me! “Little Giant: The PW50 Story” celebrates the life and legacy of this iconic motorcycle, which turned 40 in 2020.

It may have aged but it hasn’t grown up. The Yamaha PW50 is a familiar piece of our childhood that we’re passing along to our own kids.

Established in 1983. A We Went Fast Origin Story

By Brett Smith

To go riding, first I had to solve a puzzle. One slide was harmed in the making of this story. If you can start it, you can ride it. That was the single ground rule placed upon the little yellow motorcycle sitting in garage. That was dad’s way of saying ‘yes’ but also saying ‘no’ … Continued