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Ep. #2 How We Got Here: The Genesis of Loretta Lynn’s Motocross

By Brett Smith

In the early eighties, a trio of motorcycle racing promoters from Ohio and West Virginia were looking for a facility. A country music legend needed to fill a campground. A sanctioning body wanted more members and a marquee event. And amateur motocross racers wanted a true and fair national championship.

We Went Fast has teamed with the Racer X Podcast Network for this documentary-style journey into the genesis of the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship and what amateur racing life was like before 1982. Characters include Ron and Dick Lechien, Davey Coombs, Rita Coombs, Todd DeHoop, Tim Cotter, Rick “Super Hunky” Seiman, and more.

Notes: This show is FAMILY FRIENDLY. This same episode is concurrently appearing on the Racer X Podcast Network.

Credits: Many thanks to the Coombs family and Paul Schlegel for sharing their stories, especially Rita Coombs, who doesn’t do interviews often (read: never). Nicholas Smith wrote the score and sound design engineering.