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EP. #18 Grand Prix Motocross: The 1972 World Championship Season

By Brett Smith

Terry Pratt spent 35 years working on “Grand Prix Motocross” but died a few years after finishing it. In continuation of Pratt’s legacy, We Went Fast reads Chapter 1 of his book.

This show is a little different from the others I’ve posted. First: I didn’t write it. A man named Terry Pratt did.

He wrote an entire book about the 1972 World Motocross Championships and the chapters are broken into the individual rounds of the series, which detail his witty observations from the events, which he attended as a reporter on a very long European vacation.

I’m going to read the book’s foreword and Chapter One, which is the 250cc Grand Prix of Spain.

If you want to know more about Terry Pratt, after you finish this episode, listen to Episode #9, “The Curious Life of Terry Pratt.” That’s a story I wrote back in 2019 on this amazing unsung hero in the motorcycle industry. When I’m asked which of my stories are my favorites, I always point to this one. You can find the written version by clicking right here.

If you like this story and want to see more, I sell the book in THE SHOP. It’s only $40, the same price Terry sold it for 15 years ago when it was published. “Grand Prix Motocross: The 1972 World Championship Season” is an incredible book and a must own for all moto collectors. and it makes a great gift!

Purchase “Grand Prix Motocross: The 1972 World Championship Season”

When Pratt died in 2012, the book was thought to be gone forever and copies of it sold for well into the triple digits on eBay. But then I found the unsold stock sitting in a warehouse in the desert. It’s available at but only while the supply lasts. We won’t reprint it. It’s makes a great gift for anyone in your life who loves motocross history.

It’s been an honor to finish Terry’s work of preserving motocross history.

Here’s an excerpt from Grand Prix Motocross: The 1972 World Championship Season.

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