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FINAL – 2024 National Numbers

By Fowlers Facts

The AMA announced the 2024 Professional Numbers on Monday, October 2. This article was originally written at the end of August but has been updated.

New Career Numbers:

Chase Sexton #4

Haiden Deegan: #38

Levi Kitchen: #47

If you love moto # history, check out this story about the analytics of #4 in MX history.

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Jeff Ward, 1992
Jeff Ward’s 1992 Shoei helmet featured the collection of riding numbers he had throughout his career.

The biggest change you’ll see is Chase Sexton moving from #23 to #4. Multiple sources have shared he’ll make the switch, and an announcement is expected soon. This will add context to what Jett and Hunter Lawrence said in the pre-race press conference at the SuperMotocross World Championship Finals.

With Sexton and both Lawrence brothers at the table, Racer X’s Davey Coombs asked only the Lawrences if they had given consideration to selecting a single digit, specifically numbers four or five.

Hunter and Jett Lawrence on Their Commitments to 96 and 18
Jett and Hunter Lawrence were asked about selecting a single digit in 2024.

“No, not really,” said Jett Lawrence. “It’d be great but, sadly enough, when you see number 4, you think of Ricky Carmichael and then number 5, Ryan Dungey and I know for sure that Hunter, we want to make sure that we have our numbers so when the future comes and we retire, 18 is Jett Lawrence’s number and 96 is Hunter Lawrence’s number.”

Hunter agreed with his brother and took it further, saying the numbers (4 and 5) “almost should be retired”.

Jett Lawrence #18
Jett Lawrence has taken #18 to the top and he said he will stick with the digit for the rest of his career. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

It felt like their responses to the question had been rehearsed because the barbs were thinly veiled. Sexton, sitting to Jett’s right, pursed his lips tightly when Jett said “when you see #4 you think of…”

Analyzing comments made on social, there is a general sense of disbelief, as if Sexton was expected to keep #23 for the rest of his career. Yes, he’s leaned into his Illinois roots with the Chicago Bulls-themed gear and branded himself heavily as #23, but we can’t recall him ever saying this was where he would stay for this entire career.

Chase Sexton, 2023
In 2024, if Chase Sexton wants to continue the Chicago Bulls theme, he’ll have to do it in honor of Jerry Sloan

This is also important: this is the first time in Sexton’s career that he’s even had a chance to select a single digit number. Champions in 250SX don’t get that option.

Also, Justin Starling pointed out on Twitter that he spoke to Chase about this topic and Chase said he ran #4 as his first ever number.

Digging deeper into Chase’s number history, four has been present for nearly his entire riding life. He ran 486 through the majority of his amateur career, including in November 2010 when he took the 2011 Cobra CX65 to its first major amateur motocross win. He carried that number into into the summer of 2017 when he debuted at the High Point Pro Motocross on June 17.

For 2018 he earned number 40 and that same season, Aaron Plessinger won the 250MX title and swapped his own career number of 23 for the single digit of seven. Sexton picked up number 23 for 2019-2023 and won 20 races with it, (250SX, 450 SX/MX and 450SMX).

Officially Licensed #4 RC Merchandise!

Scroll down if you just want the numbers, otherwise, continue reading for the important details.

Key Assumptions (all were true)

– Current career number holders keep their current career numbers

– #13 remains the king of scaring off the superstitious and all steer clear.

– Three racers are expected to request special consideration to keep their career numbers. Keep in mind the rule states racers can petition one year and Director of AMA Pro Racing Mike Pelletier is expected to hold true to it this year. I’ve confirmed Justin Brayton (#10) and Justin Bogle (#19) will petition to keep their numbers. Not sure yet on Marvin Musquin (#25) but imagine he will. I’ve confirmed Alex Martin (#26) will not petition.

Justin Brayton, 2023
Even though Justin Brayton didn’t score a single AMA point in 2023, expect him to file a petition to hold on to #10 for one more year.

– I anticipate four riders will lose their career numbers as they are more than one year past the petition period. Ryan Dungey (#5), Zach Osborne (#16), Broc Tickle (#20), and Chad Reed (#22)

Haiden and Brian Deegan
Expect Haiden Deegan (left) to drop 200 digits off his number for 2024.

– 250SX East racers with 10 races have to drop their worst finish. This includes Hunter Lawrence (SLC 6th, 17 pts), Max Anstie (DET 22nd, 1 pt), Haiden Deegan (SLC 8th, 15 pts), Chris Blose (TAM 13th, 10 pts), Tom Vialle (DYT 22nd, 1 pt), Coty Schock (ATL 18th, 5 pts), Jace Owen (NJ 22nd, 1 pt), and Michael Hicks (TPA 22nd, 1pt).

– Ties are decided by (1.) raced all three series SX, MX, and SMX, (2.) raced both SX and MX, or (3.) best main or moto finish. This is especially important for #97 through #99 this season with 5 racers tied with 29 points.

Defending Champions

Chase Sexton will defend his 450 Supercross title in 2024 on a KTM running the #1. Crazy to think that it took 20 years for Honda to break the curse and they won’t get the opportunity to run the #1 plate (until the summer). As mentioned, I have it on good word that Chase Sexton will take this opportunity to select #4.

Jett Lawrence will race with the #18 in 450 Supercross next year as he won’t defend his 2022 250 West title and he’ll ride with #1 in 450 Pro Motocross.

Hunter Lawrence will be the second 450 athlete on Team Honda HRC. He’ll be racing with #96 in the 450s next season as he won’t defend is 2022 250 East or 250 Pro Motocross title.

Hunter Lawrence #96
Hunter Lawrence said he’s committed to making #96 his own the remainder of his career. “96 and 18, that’s how the American crowd knows us”. Red Bull Content Pool

New Career Numbers

Haiden Deegan has earned a career number in his rookie season based on scoring the 5th most total points. I expect he’ll take #38.

Levi Kitchen also earned a career number aboard his Star Racing Yamaha just in time for him to put a #47 on the plates of a Pro Circuit Kawasaki in 2024

First Time Double Digit Numbers

– Tom Vialle (#16), Talon Hawkins (#35), Haiden Deegan (#38), Caden Braswell (#43), Chance Hymas (#832), Jose Butron (#49), Daxton Bennick (#59), Romain Pape (#68), Harris Kullas (#953), Michael Hicks (#80), Hunter Yoder (#85), Luca Marsalisi (#86), Max Miller (#87), Bryce Shelly (#93), and Jett Reynolds (#99).

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In case you’re curious and want to learn more about the (now outdated) national number rules, page 18-19 of the 2023 AMA Rulebook has all the details.